about us 

Located in Chantilly, Virginia, CAFEIN is a specialty coffee shop focused on quality, service, and presentation for all coffee enthusiasts.

What is Coffee?

Our mission is to introduce and answer this question for our community. The purpose of our location is to bring in the city concept of the coffee scene into the suburban area. We provide the same enthusiastic city coffee scene and incorporate it into a more relaxed setting. CAFEIN was founded by 3 baristas with a variety of training, extensive knowledge, years of experience, and a strong dedication in the coffee field.

Our Staff

All of our staff are required to go through intensive training and practice to reach the CAFEIN standards. Our baristas exhibit their dedication and passion through our work and customer connection. From the basics of what’s in the drink to how to train your coffee palate, our baristas sincerely enjoy sharing our coffee experience with customers as they sip their drink. CAFEIN baristas strive for perfection to create the most memorable and satisfactory experience for you.